Access Control and Perimeter Protection

Commercial, Government, and public facilities require more vigilant protection than ever before. With more decentralized and technologically advanced threats to Government facilities, transit systems, airports, public areas, and commercial buildings; physical security must be provided by specialists who understand that all components of a security solution must be cohesive, rather than fragmented.

Our professionals establish real-time monitoring, effective controls, swift response capabilities, and significantly improved levels of security across entire organizations. Orion Management, LLC surveys, designs, installs, integrates and maintains access control systems and perimeter protection within the U.S. and in the most austere conditions overseas; including U.S. Embassies in both remote and highly populated places.


With an ever-increasing need for total situational awareness to ensure the safety of both officials and civilians, having the right company to install the most technologically up-to-date digital CCTV is paramount. Orion Management delivers CCTV products, services, installation, and remote monitoring, using sustainable digital video surveillance system technologies tailored to the client’s needs. Our sophisticated surveillance systems deliver lasting, adaptable solutions to personnel safety, operations management, investigations, and other potential risks such as intrusions and casing.

Orion installs CCTV digital surveillance systems in all types of locations, most notably in politically and geographically challenging locations, and in vulnerable public areas. Our capabilities and performance allow both the Federal Government and commercial customers to capture images, archive large amounts of data, and monitor activity off-site.

Intrusion Detection

Orion Management’s certified technicians and professional engineers design and install intrusion detection solutions worldwide in U.S. Embassies and other U.S. Government facilities. Orion’s experience includes access control for video-based solutions, biometric-based solutions, and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) based solutions. Orion integrates access control systems with intrusion detection systems to establish and maintain increased security for sensitive areas.

Orion integrates wireless systems and installs miles of wireless perimeter surveillance. Our total turn-key solution covers system design, poles and cameral mount designs, DVR systems, procurement, logistics, construction, installation, integration, and maintenance.

Embassy and Consulate Protection

Orion Management is the State Department’s trusted technical security installer and integrator. Working with Siemens USA, Orion solidified and upgraded all technical security systems at over 60 U.S. Embassies and consulates throughout the world, including: European cities, transitional countries, and active warzones such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Orion works with the most advanced and appropriate technologies to establish security at these diplomatic facilities.