Orion Management, LLC employs Electrical Engineers as well as Master and Journeyman Electricians to design, build, install and maintain electrical systems, treating each unique customer site with diligence and care.Our electricians work alongside esteemed client personnel and in concert with our security and fire alarm technicians, to check and ensure the quality of the work conducted in the field.

Orion’s electrical personnel bring versatile and interconnected expertise to each project. Some examples of our electrical work include:

  • Connecting and installing generators to a local electrical grid
  • Configuring and maintaining Universal Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Configuring electrical panels with fire alarm, technical security, and IT systems

Our qualified electricians work in secure and sensitive areas and are thoroughly trained on the appropriate protocols. Orion has a deep background providing support to many Government agencies and commercial entities whose requirements demand the highest levels of trust and confidence in a service partner’s abilities.

Orion’s electrical work includes the electronic security system upgrade for the WMATA Carmen E. Turner Maintenance and Training Facility. Orion delivered many crucial services and products to WMATA under this and other contracts.